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Infusion Set
Our Infusion Set interfaces the insulin pump conveyance gadget to your body. It works an indistinguishable route from an intravenous line does. A needle is lodged within a cannula.
Face Mask
Face Mask is the ideal healthy skin treatment to assist you with your skin health management concerns. The correct face veil can enable hydrate to skin, evacuate overabundance oils and help enhance the presence of your pores.
Sterlie Gauge Seab B.P
The Sterile Gauge Swab B.P. has all the slice edges collapsed in to prevent fiber linting. Profoundly spongy, the open work development additionally allows exudates to course through and be consumed by an auxiliary dressing.
Paraffin Gauze Dressing B.P
Paraffin Gauze Dressing B.P is mitigating and low-follower and enables the injury to deplete uninhibitedly into a retentive auxiliary dressing. This is a sterile paraffin tulle gras dressing produced using open weave gauze.
Malaria Test Card
Our Malaria Test Card aid the conclusion of jungle fever by giving confirmation of the nearness of intestinal sickness parasites in human blood.
Adult Diaper
Adult Diaper (Economy) composed to be worn by a man with a body bigger than that of a newborn child or baby. Diapers can be important for grown-ups with different conditions, for example, incontinence, and versatility weakness, extreme looseness of the bowels or dementia.
Stethoscope is the acoustic medicinal gadget for auscultation, or tuning in to the inner hints of a creature or human body. It normally has a little plate molded resonator that is set against the chest, and two tubes associated with earpieces.
Hot Water Bag
Our Hot Water Bag (Rubber) is a container loaded with boiling water and fixed with a plug, used to give warmth, commonly while in bed, yet in addition for the utilization of warmth to a particular piece of the body.
Hot 'n' Cold Pack
Hot 'n' Cold Pack has an agreeable delicate texture that complies with the bends of your skin. Texture is delicate on the skin, ice free, and launderable. Put the pack in microwave or chill in cooler.

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