Stethoscope is the acoustic medicinal gadget for auscultation, or tuning in to the inner hints of a creature or human body. It normally has a little plate molded resonator that is set against the chest, and two tubes associated with earpieces.
Hot Water Bag
Our Hot Water Bag (Rubber) is a container loaded with boiling water and fixed with a plug, used to give warmth, commonly while in bed, yet in addition for the utilization of warmth to a particular piece of the body.
Pregnancy Test Strip
Pregnancy Test Strip acts as the cost effective and reliable way to determine pregnancy by examining serum or urine sample. It adopts Rapid Elisa Immuno Chromatographic technique. Easy to handle, this test strip is available with necessary instructions for detecting the presence of embryo.
Infusion Set
Our Infusion Set interfaces the insulin pump conveyance gadget to your body. It works an indistinguishable route from an intravenous line does. A needle is lodged within a cannula.
Paraffin Gauze Dressing B.P
Paraffin Gauze Dressing B.P is mitigating and low-follower and enables the injury to deplete uninhibitedly into a retentive auxiliary dressing. This is a sterile paraffin tulle gras dressing produced using open weave gauze.
Face Mask
Face Mask is the ideal healthy skin treatment to assist you with your skin health management concerns. The correct face veil can enable hydrate to skin, evacuate overabundance oils and help enhance the presence of your pores.
I V Cannula Fixator
I V Cannula Fixator is used as an essential part of intravenous therapy and wound treatment process. It is developed from skin friendly PU film and acrylic adhesive. High anti bacterial attributes, watertight design, breathable quality and high comfort factor are its key features.
Plaster Of Paris Bandages
Plaster Of Paris Bandages are considered as integral parts of wound healing process. These bandages are basically bleached cotton fabric that uses Plaster of Paris powder to quicken treatment process. Skin friendly fabric quality, high air penetration level, zigzag edge design and easy removal facility are their main factors.
Band Aid
Water proof Wound Plaster is a wonderful option to promote fast healing of injuries by avoiding entrance of moisture inside affected body part. Made of standard grade polyurethane and acrylic adhesive, this medical grade product is breathable and long lasting.
HIV Test Card
Hiv Test Card is utilized to conduct qualitative examination of antibodies in serum and plasma during HIV infection detection process. Easy to use, this test card provided accurate testing result by its different parameters. Its life span is one year and it is cost effective.
Adult Diaper
Adult Diaper (Economy) composed to be worn by a man with a body bigger than that of a newborn child or baby. Diapers can be important for grown-ups with different conditions, for example, incontinence, and versatility weakness, extreme looseness of the bowels or dementia.
Ice Bag
Ice Bag is used as an indispensable part of pain treatment procedure. This rubber made bag is completely leakage protected and its advanced design promotes gradual melting of stored ice inside it. Convenient to handle, this product provides relief against muscular pain and different sorts of sprains.
Under Pad
Under Pad has been specially designed for patients with limited mobility or aged persons. Made of breathable cotton, viscose, water proof PE film and soft tissue paper, this pad has multiple layers. Easy to use, this product is cost effective and anti allergic.
Blood Lancets
Sterilized via gamma radiation, these Blood Lancets act as fine needle while collecting blood sample for glucose testing purpose. Meant for single user, these have twist off cap. The needle tip of these lancets is notable for its tri bevel type pattern.
Providone-Iodine Ointment USP
Offered in different quantity based options, Providone-Iodine Ointment USP is known for its multiple actions against virus, bacteria, protozoa and fungi. It is basically used for wound healing purpose. Fast action, accurate formulation and long shelf life are its main factors.
Povidone-Iodine Solution I.P
Povidone-Iodine Solution I.P is used as disinfectant for skin prior to surgery. This antiseptic solution is useful for treating minor injuries and infections caused by protozoa, bacteria and other contaminants. This cost effective solution is also suitable for treating oral infections.
Disinfectant Solution
Offered in 500 ml and 100 ml packaging options, this Disinfectant Solution is active against all sorts of viruses, bacteria and fungi. Widely used as suitable hand sanitizer, this solution is affordable and it has soothing smell. Its mild content does not have any adverse effect on skin.
Foley Balloon Catheter
Foley Balloon Catheter is used to treat urine problems. The urine drains through the catheter tube into a bag, which is emptied when full. It is filled with sterile water to prevent the catheter from being removed from the bladder.
Digital  Room Thermometers
Our Digital Room Thermometers are temperature-detecting instruments that are effectively versatile, have lasting tests, and an advantageous computerized show. The way an advanced thermometer works relies on its kind of sensor.
Ultra Grip Alcohol Swab Hixadine
The Ultra Grip Alcohol Swab Hixadine has all the slice edges collapsed in to prevent fiber linting. Profoundly spongy, the open work development additionally allows exudates to course through and be consumed by an auxiliary dressing.
Disinfection Solution
Offered in Disinfection Solution options, Antiseptic Liquid is used for treating external wounds and injuries. Long storage life, immediate action, reasonable price, side effect free content and precise formulation are the key features of this medicine.

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